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IT Projects & Consultancy

From conception to execution, we offer strategic guidance in IT Projects & consultancy to bring your projects to life, on time and within budget.

Service Overview

Each of these components plays a key role in the success of IT projects & consultancy, helping to ensure they are delivered on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards.


Analyzing project goals, timeframes, budgets, workflows, and communication. This may involve estimating resource demands, interviewing project participants, and developing risk mitigation plans

Resource Management

Building staffing plans, allocating resources according to skillsets, and planning for multi-project resource allocation if necessary.


Creating a roadmap with a breakdown into work phases and deliverables. This includes planning architecture, scheduling, estimating time and cost, and selecting a project management methodology


Monitoring project progress, and investigating deviations from the timeline or budget to adapt the project implementation plan as needed

Service Benefits

The benefits of  IT projects & consultancy are numerous and can significantly impact the success of a business’s technology initiatives

  • Domain Configuration
  • Email Configuration
  • Develop, Test and Deploy
  • Provisioning Servers
  • Upgrade and Migration
  • Cloud and On-Prem
  • Integrate 3rd Party Applications

and more…


IT Projects & Consultancy Process

Planning & Design

  • Architect On-Premises and Cloud Infrastructure
  • User and Infrastructure Migration
  • System Upgrade
  • and more…


  • Server Installation and Configuration (On-Premises & Cloud)
  • Appliance Server Deployment
  • Management Application Setup
  • and more…

Deployment and Management

  • Server and Workstation Provisioning
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Application Deployment and Configuration
  • and more…

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